Basura, basura, basura

¡Bienvenidos!  Este lugar es para compartir información en español O inglés acerca de libros que hemos leido.  Hay otro……. y este blog debe ser como el nerdy book club, pero en español.  Cualquier persona puede escribir sobre cualquier libro.

Feel free to pick a book, write a review in Spanish if you can do it quickly or in English if it’s easier.  The more Spanish the better, but the idea is to improve our Spanish through massive amounts of reading… not by stressing over the quality of our writing in Spanish.  Feel free to use an alias. =)   It would be helpful if you would include information about the level of difficulty.

The point is massive quantities of junk reading… not literary reviews of books on the AP Lit list.  Many of us are non-native speakers teaching elementary through level 2 in high school and we need ways to improve our own Spanish. According to Dr. Krashen, junk reading is the way.  Thanks for contributing and recommending books!

Karen Rowan